shlibs Settings

All the options meant to be customizable by the end user are contained by a single file located at var/ In this way shlibs settings section complies with one of the main goals of the application: simplicity.

Do not hesitate to tweak shlibs settings. If running into any problems while doing that, use shlibs -reset to restore to default content.

The settings are fully described below. When altering their values, in order to maintain maximum POSIX compatibility, please keep original format:

export variable

Full details of shlibs settings:

    • meaning: the number of results per page in query and setup script modes
    • default value: 10
    • constraints: try to fit the number of results in available height, afterwards adjust values to fit in interval 3-50
    • meaning: the maximum number of results shown per query
    • default value: 400
    • constraints: minimum 5
    • other: use 0 (zero) to display all results
    • meaning: the maximum number of results kept in memory before switching to files storage
    • default value: 10000
    • constraints: none
    • other: for most purposes this setting should remain default or high in value unless the system has a seriously low amount of memory available
    • meaning: show/hide brief details about the options available
    • default value: 0 (true, show)
    • constraints: values 0 or 1
    • meaning: the character used to highlight instances of shlibs found while in setup script mode
    • default value: * , which triggers highlights of instances in format ***shlibs***
    • other:
      1. specific for queries occurring in setup script mode ( shlibs -s /path/to/script )
      2. additional highlighting of shlibs instances and the replacements is done using bold red characters (starting with version 1.1.16)
    • meaning: keep the terminal clean
    • default value: 0 (true)
    • constraints: values 0 or 1
    • other: setting this to 1 can be used to keep track of operations
    • meaning: increases readability by folding shlibs output to the number of characters indicated by this variable
    • default value: 80
    • constraints: minimum 36
    • other: extremely useful for small size screens/terminals
    • meaning: forces shlibs to run using specified shell(s)
    • default value: ” (empty string – meaning auto selection which provides maximum compatibility)
    • other:
      1. use comma separated, no whitespace list of shells
      2. shlibs checks the shells in the order given; if using bash as the first and only shell in the list you are severely restricting the compatibility of your applications/scripts, but you can benefit from bash specific advantages such as arrays, extended parameter expansion a.o.
    • meaning: advanced options useful when working with multiple versions of libraries
    • default value: 1 (false)
    • constraints: values 0 or 1
    • other: includes the version of libraries in the results list of query / setup script modes

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