shlibs, the Command Line Assistant and Script Manager for POSIX® Compliant Systems and Applications

Organize your scripts, manage systems and prototype with ease.
shlibs has major advantages including:

  • shlibs runs on any POSIX® Compliant system such as Linux® (including AWS® AMIs, Fedora, Ubuntu and Raspberry OS), macOS®, BSD™ based systems, Solaris, Minix and many others (compatibility)
  • shlibs runs on any POSIX® Compliant subsystem and application such as Windows® Subsystem for Linux®, CygWin®
  • shlibs offers superior performance as provided by POSIX® tools implementations
  • shlibs can be used for free in closed source, open source, commercial, free a.o. types of projects.
  • shlibs offers unmatched ease of use achieved thru a novel development logic
  • shlibs is meant to handle mainly shell scripts, but operates very well with other interpretable types of scripts such as php, perl, python® a.o.
  • shlibs content is easy to audit
  • fast expanding utilities coverage
  • no installation
  • 100% portable

Get started with shlibs: