shlibs License Explained

shlibs is released under Apache-2.0 License modified with Convergence Terms (LICENSE-section 10 “Use for free. Contribute rather than diverge.”).
Freely use shlibs for all your commercial or non-commercial, open-source or closed-source systems and products, under Apache-2.0 License modified with Convergence Terms.

The very first thing to note about the license used by shlibs is that it is a slightly modified version of Apache-2.0 License. The content of Apache-2.0 License is kept intact and section 10 – Convergence Terms is added.
As a summary, shlibs License will give users all the freedom Apache-2.0 License has to offer, but reserves the rights to use as deemed necessary the content of Derivative Works which try to imitate in any ways shlibs.
That means that for common tasks (i.e. daily CLI assistance, shell/interpretable scripts, teaching shlibs thru videos, tutorials a.m.o.) anyone can use shlibs without restriction. Derivative Works which do not resemble shlibs in any ways need not to worry about the Convergence Terms, but just follow the specifications of Apache-2.0 License. When a (bridged) Derivative Work resembles shlibs in any ways the Convergence Terms will apply and the Licensor can use subject (bridged) Derivative Work as deemed necessary. If you suspect your Derivative Work resembles shlibs it is highly advisable to contact the Licensor and receive further advice. For custom licensing please contact the Licensor.

The table below shows a couple of common use cases.

#Use shlibs FreeCommercial ProductsNon-Commercial ProductsOpen-Source ProductsClosed-Source ProductsAimed by Convergence Terms strategyshlibs Command
CLI Assistance (SysAdmins, SysEngineers etc)YESYESYESYESYESNOshlibs
shlibs libraries in Cross OS Scripts for online/offline systems, servers, clusters etcYESYESYESYESYESNOshlibs -s path/to/script
Cross OS Products using a mixture of shlibs libraries, scripts and other utilitiesYESYESYESYESYESNOshlibs -s path/to/script
Products which try to imitate shlibsYESYESYESYESYESYESN/A

Using shlibs Trademark

shlibs is a trademark undergoing registration. shlibs trademark can be used under Apache-2.0 License modified with Convergence Terms.