Get Started with shlibs

shlibs targets command line ops, shell scripts and interpretable types of scripts on systems, sub-systems and applications complying with The Open Group® POSIX® IEEE® Std 1003.1-2017 specifications.
shlibs is designed to be extremely easy to use, efficient and guaranteed to run on any compliant system (and highly probable to run on systems not fully compliant).

shlibs Basics

To get started:

  1. download shlibs
  2. verify checksums
  3. extract files
  4. cd /path/to/shlibs/folder
  5. run initial tests ./shlibs tst001 (optional), send tests results (optional)

shlibs as CLI assistant (query) ( documentation ):

  • ./shlibs
  • type keywords to search a shlibs utility i.e. random string
  • select the utility from the list shown and get its shlibs code e.g.str005
  • run utility i.e. ./shlibs str005

shlibs as Shell Script processor ( documentation ):

  • ./shlibs -s /path/to/shell/script
  • on completion of processing, shlibs will generate files and folders necessary to run your script on any compliant system. At the moment shlibs does not check the cross-os compatibility of non-shlibs parts of your script. Please check the documentation.

Advanced shlibs

shlibs is meant to be extremely easy to use, but at the same time it is packed with a lot of features allowing it to execute complex tasks such as:

  • compatibility with bare/constrained/precursory systems
  • pipe integration
  • generation of cross-OS compatible structures required to run your scripts
  • versatile integration of utilities
  • versions
  • sessions a.m.o.

Advanced shlibs users should explore the tutorials and the documentation in order to get comfortable with all the features that shlibs offers.

Troubleshooting shlibs

For any problems encountered while running shlibs please check the relevant documentation section first. For further help please contact, or use the forums in order to help others in the future. Soon a manual will be available to download.